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Twilight; Chapter 5. Notes

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Twilight Notes on Chapter 5

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Bella makes me sigh. This girl needs a life and a personality transplant. The one she has is pitiful. On both counts. She arrives at a new home & school, makes friends almost immediately and has a dad who appreciates her, clearly loves her and gives her space to live her life. Along with the trust that goes along with that space. Yet she practically ignores these people and the wonderful circumstances that have just been given to her, silver platter included. Instead she focuses all of her attention on one boy, to the point of losing her appetite and wanting to sulk when he’s missing from school !!
I want to scream.
If the book belonged to me, I’d throw it out the window (or give it away).

But, hey-ho, to continue:-

My mistake, her friend Jessica may not be Bella’s friend for the right reasons. Or that her jealousy over Edward’s attraction to Bella is clouding her emotions. Teenagers.

Edward reveals that he can read other people easily and yet cannot do the same for Bella. (Although from what I’ve read so far, Bella may not have all that much in her head to read. Please excuse my bitching).
He is also very well informed about the school curriculum. Handy for ditching classes that involve blood testing. He seemed to think Bella should ditch too and considering Bella’s near fainting spell, makes me wonder what Edward knows about her. If he can’t read her, he must have gotten information from somewhere / one. Stalker much? Getting back to topic – I do find it strange that someone who is so queasy about blood can fall so readily for a vampire, even if Bella is unaware of Edward’s true nature. For the moment. I can foresee this causing problems in the future, possibly even conflict?

So, Isabella is going to this coming beach party. Her desire for Edward to tag along is obvious but since it was Mike who asked her, along with her new circle of friends, perhaps extending the invite to Edward is unwise. The girls may be in awe of her but the boys would be clearly jealous. This and the associated hostility always ruins a party / gathering.

Concentrating on this book has been painful. If I didn’t feel obligated to my own promise (my 5 chapter rule), I wouldn’t have gotten this far, let alone try to write about it all.
Having reached the end of chapter 5, I have decided I won’t be continuing with Twilight. I cannot read a book that does not compel me. This book does the opposite, and I find the characters shallow and outright irritating.
Perhaps if I were a younger person, Twilight would have ensnared me enough to continue reading, enough to also seek out the other books in this saga.
For now, I’m going to return this book and consider the matter closed.

Now to find a different book to concentrate on. Choices, choices…


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