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Twilight; Chapter 4. Notes

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Twilight; Notes on Chapter 4

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Bella is definitely becoming obsessed with Edward. Severely. Although, from her point of view I can understand why. Unfortunately, personally I don’t.

Edward is being very mysterious and is not helping matters by ignoring Bella completely.
Meanwhile, Bella’s fan club has grown by one more. Poor Tyler is still trying to apologise, with little success. Mike is taking advantage of Edward’s apparent disinterest as well. Bella is so used to being ignored by, it seems, everyone that she simply can’t adjust to her new popularity in Forkes. Especially by the male student population. Including Eric as it seems he would like to take her to the dance and is in direct competition with Tyler and Mike. Glad to see Bella choosing Seattle over all three of them. I’m sure Charlie would be a little concerned regarding his daughter’s suitors. They do seem to be chasing her somewhat, much to Edward’s amusement.

Hell-fire! Edward is either very “emo” or needs hormone therapy. If he continues this friends/not-friends dance, Isabella is going to get dizzy and very frustrated. It’s a wonder she hasn’t blown up but then she is obsessed with the boy and that must give him some leeway in her eyes. That and she’s just too afraid of confrontations still.
Bella’s girlfriends are reacting lukewarm to her popularity with the boys. Obviously. Girls hate competition even more so than boys when it comes to the dating game. Seattle, therefore, is a good out to the whole sorry debacle and her advice to her girlfriends gives her better standing in her new circle.

I’m losing interest. Took me long enough to pick up and read chapter 3 and I’m struggling to get to chapter 5. I will, however, stick to my ch5 rule and keep going.

May the stars have pity on me.


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