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Cleaning and learning.

Did some minor clean ups of older posts, the categories and added the audio player to each Librivox posting. I love learning curves and cool widgets that just work. Originally I had intended to do a separate post when my LibriVox recording was marked as completed, but that may become messy. So I’ve finally decided to just update and alter the original posting. That way, I won’t have multiple postings all over this blog, making it difficult to search for something I want to check on.

I was reading about the content theft idea on the wordpress support forums but then decided I wouldn’t need them. Who’d want to steal my meandering drivel? Answer; no-one 🙂 and even if someone did, I can’t think what they would use it for. This blog is intended as a progress diary, somewhere I can just write my thoughts about the books I’m reading.

Dear diary,
Only I would care about the contents herein, my opinion is my own affair.

Besides, as I’ve said from the start, I’m not writing here for the amount of hits my site can get. I’ve got one comment so far, a pleasant surprise, but I’m not going to answer every comment that gets posted. I may even turn off the comments, I’ve got to go through the pro’s and con’s of that one.

One item I can’t make up my mind about is the RSS options. I’m fairly sure they aren’t necessary in my case but that opinion is an open argument. One I may never resolve, and so never act upon.



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