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Twilight, Chapter 2. Notes

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Twilight; Notes on Chapter 2

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

On Edward avoiding Bella; it seems Isabella is feeling somewhat hunted. She feels she wants a confrontation but admits to being too cowardly to step forward. Not entirely stupid then. She does have a degree of common sense, how much remains to be seen. Edward’s reaction however is probably even more sensible. He has, at least initially, diffused the situation by removing himself from the loop. I’d like to know what he is doing while avoiding Bella but the author obviously wants the mysterious angle.

Bella has taken over the cooking duties. So, she does like to play mom as seen by her reaction to grocery shopping at the thrift store. “Normal” The most comfortable & relaxed she has been since leaving Arizona.

I do find Charlie’s attitude towards the Cullen/Hale family intriguing. He appreciates Dr. Cullen’s skill as a surgeon & the family as a whole, including what some people would call their “old-fashioned values”. Families these days don’t spend enough time together. Whole families full of strangers. Good for Charlie wanting & accepting something different.

Isabella is fitting in after only one week. Surprising me, as it usually takes longer (either in school or the workplace) so Bella must be reasonably likeable. To her fellow students.
So apart from her non-Arizona looks and a loathing of anything wet &/or cold (don’t buy a dog!), she is a reasonably average teenager then. Although her I’ll-be-mother attitude could be a hindrance when receiving any good or sensible advice.

Edward is trying to understand Bella but (if I ignore the movie, again) I can’t fathom why. She comes across as an average teen, so why her? What does he see that I, the reader, hasn’t seen.
Unless…Bella shows some degree of selflessness for her decision to let her mom be with new man Phil, but why can’t Bella take some satisfaction in that sacrifice and just enjoy her time with Charlie. She loves him, wants to take care of him. She should find some joy there & get to know her father better, despite the weather she so obviously despises. She already knows that you don’t have to have endless meaningful conversations to enjoy another’s company. Neither Bella or her dad are big talkers, so they are ideally matched. Why did mom get custody again?

My confusion about Bella as a leading character seems to have grown by the end of chapter two. My initial curiosity about the book is fading already and I’m finding the almost constant winging & moaning a little grating.


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