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Twilight, Chapter 1. Notes

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Twilight; Notes on Chapter 1

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Bella & dad Charlie have difficulty vocally expressing feelings. Emotionally stunted perhaps? or just withdrawn.
Mom on the other hand, is described as nothing short of a ditz, so how did she get custody over firm steady cop-dad Charlie? Mother’s prerogative perhaps.

Bella can’t relate to people her age. I can relate to that but she makes it seem like a bad thing instead of the weird wonder I have of most people.
She constantly whines about being in Forkes. It was her idea! She should, at the very least, be open-minded. Someone who has difficulty relating really does sound like more and more like an average teenager. Or maybe she’s just used to being the “mom” in her house & can’t face up to the fact dad won’t need her in the same fashion.

It seems she also has a problem both with her appearance & fitting in. Also normal traits for a teenager. This isn’t a case of not-relating to her age group. All these point to quite the opposite. Dissatisfied.
Despite everything, there is a need to fade into the background but at odds with this is also a smaller desire to be accepted, even by just one person. Mike, her new friend at school in Forks, might be the closest to that need due to his experience living in a more sunnier climate. Bella may have an affinity with him.

Not sure what to make of the vampires. Edward’s reaction to Bella is of interest. Anyone who has stood in a queue next to a stranger but instantly didn’t like them, for no fathomable reason will understand Edward’s reaction. Some people you can, in fact, take an instant dislike to. I think it is a throwback to our primitive, hunting days. Race memory.

I have seen the movie but I did try & ignore the experience. Most movies / adaptations are quite different from the original text.
Having transcribed my notes, there is a strange to-and-fro feeling with Bella. Maybe I don’t understand the authors’ intent for the character but I had mixed feelings reading about her. Edward and his siblings are successfully enigmatic so I am looking forward to reading more about them. All the other characters will need some fleshing out before I can make an opinion.

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